A small contribution today can make a big difference tomorrow!

This program aims to provide educational assistance to needy and deserving students in the United States who cannot afford higher education due to the following:  (1) their parents lack the financial means to subsidize their college education;  (2) their parents can only afford a portion but not all the education costs;  (3) they are unable to continue school due to financial instability (e.g. job loss).


For this program, on average, 50% of the total funds generated will be towards scholarships.


Under this program, we provide academic scholarships to promising students from low income families.  These scholarships will provide an invaluable opportunity to acquire a degree or diploma in a field of their choice.


Immediately after the launch of BEAP-USA, we targeted University of Maryland, College Park as a source of potential scholarship students.  We interviewed a pool of candidates recommended by the university and selected the three best qualified students based on both merit and financial need.  The three selected students required financial support to complete their last semester.



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