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Bachu Charitable Foundation, Inc. (BCF) is an organization that supports education to the underprivileged students of the United States and India and supports social welfare to the impoverished people of India.  Our objective is to raise funds to feed, shelter, and educate those in need.  BCF is dedicated to providing an invaluable education to deserving recipients  because we strongly believe that education is the most effective way to break out of the poverty cycle and gradually transition to prosperity.




It is the mission of Bachu Charitable Foundation, Inc. to attend to those who are seeking empowerment to overcome their adverse situation.  Our organization serves people of all races, creeds, and religions.  We do not discriminate.  Our plan is to promote education and to induct values for the betterment of individuals and to flourish a healthy society.


Goal 1:   To provide educational assistance to needy and deserving students in the United States who cannot afford higher education due to the following:  (1) their parents lack the financial means to subsidize their college education;  (2) their parents can only afford a portion but not all the education costs;  (3) they are unable to continue school due to financial instability (e.g. job loss).


Goal 2:   To support the education of poor and underprivileged children of India in all academic levels (elementary education, secondary education, post-secondary education, vocational education and training, etc.) to further their advancement in society.


Goal 3:   To provide immediate basic essentials including food, clothing, shelter, and health care to the victims of a natural calamity such as an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, or flood that occurs in India.


Goal 4:   To enrich the welfare of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged children, women, and senior citizens of India by providing basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, and health care.


Goal 5:   To assist advancement of religious and spiritual objectives without reference to any caste, creed, religion or other discrimination, enabling the general public of the rural communities in India to continue believing and practicing religious tolerance and secularism.




Our vision of success is an uplifted society in which the needy and underprivileged have the opportunity to progress from poverty to prosperity.




1.     50% of funds generated will be utilized for accomplishing Goal 1 - helping the needy in the United States through college education.


2.     30% of funds generated will be utilized for accomplishing Goal 2 - helping the needy in India through education.


3.     15% of funds generated will be utilized for accomplishing Goals 3 & 4 - helping the poor in India with the basic needs of food,

        clothing, shelter, and medical care.


4.     No more than 5% of funds generated will be utilized for accomplishing Goal 5 - religious and spiritual objectives in India.



Bachu Charitable Foundation, Inc. consists of passionate professionals and volunteers determined to fulfill the purpose of the organization.  BCF will spend 30% of its time fundraising and soliciting growth opportunities, 20% of its time performing administrative duties, and 50% of its time fulfilling its exempt purposes.


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